Value Vans Pre-owned Caravans
Value Vans Pre-owned Caravans


Tuinroete Woonwaens is Mossel Baai and George known destination for the outdoor enthusiast.

We sell and service all major South African caravan brands, and have the full range of Sprite, Gypsey, and Jurgens models on display. We invite you to come and browse our wide selection of caravanning and camping accessories from our well stocked Camp World Shop. An extensive range of Howling Moon products offers you a variety of canvas tents, roof top tents, safari dome tents and awnings.

We offer you the opportunity to get away in many different ways. We have been the one-stop outdoor leaders since 1984. And we provide not only excellent deals on all types of new and used caravans and motor homes, trailers and tents, but experience too!Tuinroete Caravans

Our site contains hundreds of bits of information. Click to your hearts content! Be sure to look at our updated Resorts Section above. Here you will find all the resorts details for your reference.

Please contact us if you have any queries we can help you with.

Tuinroete Woonwaens is a Jurgens CI appointed dealer for the following products:

  • Jurgens Caravans
  • Gypsey Caravans
  • Sprite Caravans
  • Wilk Caravans
  • WJ Motorhomes
  • Howling Moon camping products
  • Campworld accessories

We are distributors of the Jurgens trailers at Tuinroete Caravans.

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Latest News

2014 Easter Booklet
Business Specials
25 Mar 2014
76201 Impressions
The latest CAMPWORLD Easter 2014 Specials. Promotion period from 10 March 2014 to 30 April 2014.
Author  854
Jurgens CI
Product Jurgens Safari Trailers
27 Feb 2014
165442 Impressions
The XT120. Ready when you are.
Author  2663
Jurgens CI
Product Jurgens Safari Trailers
27 Feb 2014
163338 Impressions
The XT140. Leave no stone unturned.
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Jurgens CI
LT 675
Product Jurgens Trailers
27 Feb 2014
147617 Impressions
The LT675. A tough workhorse from the king's stable.
Author  2889
Jurgens CI
Product Jurgens Safari Trailers
26 Feb 2014
129256 Imp
The XT160. King of the great off-road.
Author  2947
Jurgens CI
Product Jurgens Trailers
26 Feb 2014
121566 Imp
The XT75. A luggage trailer in hiking boots.
Author  2270
Jurgens CI
Tourer SW
Product Sprite Tourer
26 Feb 2014
112490 Imp
A four berth caravan that can take the back roads. The Tourer SW has suspension that is better suited to uneven surfaces and bigger tyres to cushion the ride. Robust insulation against dust keeps the modern comforts of the interior clean.
Author  3683
Jurgens CI
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